23 June 2012

Having a Smashing Time

After finding those old Bullet tests I thought I would have a play with the DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) Cinematic plug-in that is included in Maya 2012 before I get my hands on Maya 2013 with it's integrated Bullet plug-in, in the least it will give me opportunity to compare and contrast the two engines that appear to be very similar.
There are a host of dynamic engines currently available in Maya including the original Maya dynamics, the Nucleus system, PhysX, DMM and Bullet and each one has it's own qualities that are beneficial to specific areas of games or visual effects, this can be confusing to say the least but I suppose that Autodesk, in having so many choices, have got a very flexible tool in Maya which can only be a good thing in industry.
Anyway, ramble over, here's my first test using the DMM Cinematic plug-in from Maya 2012. Hopefully I will have time this weekend to continue my investigation of it....

3 June 2012

A Bullet in the Head

I was cleaning out my computer (something which I should probably do more often!!) and in the process of freeing up 80GB of space I ran across a couple physics tests I made around 2009-2010 using Maya and a cobbled together Bullet plug-in.

Although the exercise was really interesting, I remember the hassle it was getting the plug in installed and working, so it is very nice to see that Autodesk have included Bullet along with some other shiny goodies in the latest version of Maya, check the Area page with info on all updates in 2013..... http://area.autodesk.com/maya2012

As soon as I get my hands on Maya 2013, I'll make some comparison.... hopefully it will be a little more user friendly now that it is fully integrated!