25 November 2012

Flying For The First time

I know, it's been a while since my last post but it's been busy times, Bradford Animation Festival and graduating students amongst other things have kept me away from personal projects but I managed to spend a couple of hours on the BumbleBus yesterday and have made a test render clip.....

In the clip I'm testing a couple of processes...

1: Using tracked video footage to control the virtual camera. While I have used camera tracking many times in the past I have always used it in order to create a composite shot with the original footage, in this case I wondered how effective it would be to just use the motion in a completely CG environment, the backplate is the HDR image that I have used to light the environment. I like the effect and will certainly pursue it further.

2: Depth of Field. I made a simple rig for the camera using the measure tool and the MR Physical DOF lens so that I can easily control the focal point of my camera. The focal distance in this clip is constant but I intend to experiment with a non fixed position in future.

3: Motion blur. various elements of the BumbleBus have been rendered on separate layers in order to apply motion blur to some and not to others. A black hole shader was used to create a mask for the wings.

As this is just a test I have used a simple motion path and, apart from the wings, I haven't yet applied any other animation to the model.

12 November 2012

Shadow & Light Re-Dub

This is a re-post, of sorts, of my Shadow & Light video but with a with a new audio track made by Vimeo user Oliver White.

I really like what Oliver has done, it's certainly less chaotic than my attempt at a soundscape..... I'll stick to the visuals in future!! 

8 November 2012

Shiny Shiny

I was having a play with the MentalRay DGS shader for the outer skin of my BumbleBus, remember it's inspired by the old Airstream caravans so chrome is the flavour we're looking for here.

I know, there's still modelling to do but hey, the outside's done so let's celebrate with a shiny render, it was also an opportunity to quickly demonstrate the physical DOF lens to one of my students.

I'm rather pleased with the way it's turned out, very much like how I originally imagined it to be....

Time to get on with the interior now I guess!

7 November 2012

You Spin Me Right Round....

I've been away for a few days so have had no opportunity to make progress on the BumbleBus until I sat down yesterday evening and hit a bit of a landmark in the construction of the model.....

The exterior modelling is complete..... I know right excellent news. People everywhere are talking about the US election results but that news pales in significance to the fact that I need not place another rivet on this models exterior!

Here's a turntable of the vehicle that illustrates the action of the doors and the steps.

I'm pretty pleased with how this has turned out, it's pretty faithful to my original sketch which is always good, and there's really only the cockpit left to model before I can move onto texturing it, exciting times.