18 August 2012

Shatter & Transform

I had an idea to have an object shatter and then transform, this is the proof of that concept. Basically the DMM object is a goal for the nParticles which are then released at a suitable point after the shatter to make the effect aesthetically pleasing.

For an early test, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and I plan to develop this further, substituting the particles with instanced animations.

13 August 2012

For Ducks Sake

I've been sorting out the animation module for the new students who are starting in September and thought that it would be a good idea to follow the brief myself before forcing it upon them when they start.

In creating this I've only used modelling, animation and rendering methods which I believe that an inexperienced student should be able to manage as they progress through the module. The whole project (idea generation, storyboard, animatic, modelling, texturing, rendering, post and audio) took approximately eleven hours for me to complete, hopefully nine weeks will be adequate for the students.

I think that I need to brush up on my audio editing skills.... someting to consider for the future!

3 August 2012

Getting into the Swing....

Recently, I've been focussing much of my attention on developing my understanding of various methods of simulation and as such it's been a good while since I did any actual animation.... I thought I'd spend this morning refreshing my skills.

I used the key poses from a Digital Tutors guide as a time saving device as this was a technical exercise  to ensure my understanding of process within Maya and of keyframe timing, not a test of my pre-production and observation skills.

I"m pretty pleased with the result considering the limited time that I gave myself to complete the exercise and I will certainly be making more stuff move in future as I had almost forgotten how enjoyable and rewarding the process can be.