26 April 2013

Anaheim and me....

So, awesome news..... I got an e-mail from SIGGRAPH the other day congratulating me on the fact that my work had been selected to be presented in SIGGRAPH Dailies! at this years festival in Anaheim.  

SIGGRAPH Dailies! is quite new to the festival, I think that this is it's fourth year, and it is an opportunity to not only present your work but also the story behind it. Each presenter gets up to one and a half minutes to tell the story behind the creation of their work and then it's onto the next person, sort of like speed dating I suppose. This year they are allowing presenters to record their presentation if they are unable to attend in person.

I was over the moon when I received the e-mail from Mark Elendt from Side Effects Software who is chair of the selection committee and then I read the bit where I was expected to be there to be there to present. My heart sank, I was certain that I had selected that I would not be able to attend on my submission but when I reviewed it I hadn't changed it from "I will attend"..... what to do?

-Promotional still from Shadow & Light-

I was worried that my selection into the festival hinged on the fact that I would be there to present, if I mailed them to say otherwise would they retract their decision to allow my work to be shown?

Anyway, I mailed Mark letting him know that I had made a mistake on the submission form and that I wouldn't be able to present in person, with my fingers crossed I waited for the response.....

Mark replied very quickly considering the time difference between Sheffield and Anaheim and said that the story behind my work was great and that they are looking forward to receiving my recorded Submission.... Phew!

It's funny that after many years of wanting to attend SIGGRAPH but never being able to afford it, I have never even considered that I might one day be able to present my work there but here I am, presenting at this years exhibition and still not being able to get there!!

Here's a bit more about SIGGRAPH Dailies! from last years chair.....